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Bio Bay Laguna Grande Adventure

Bioluminescent, Bio Bay Kayaking Tours and Trips, “Laguna Grande” Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Prepare yourself for an experience of a lifetime! Your eyes won’t believe what they are seeing; you will wonder… Is it magic? A hallucination? Hollywood special effects? Then you realize that these are truly enchanted waters of Puerto Rico!

  • Each bio bay tour guided by Graduated Marine Biologist
  • Skill Level: For Everyone (kids 6 years and up)
  • Duration: 2 hours (Weather permitting)
  • Meeting time: 5:40pm & 7:50pm (Times might change depending on the sunset. If so we will contact you in advance.)
  • This is a Kayak trip, 2 person kayak and you will get completely wet. Maximum combined weight is 400 pounds.
  • Launch Site: Las Croabas, Fajardo, Puerto Rico
  • Trip rate: $48* per person
    For groups of 8 adventurers and more a deposit will be required.

The Bio Bay Adventure tour is one of Puerto Rico’s most popular. There are three things that our guests need to take in consideration:

  1. in order to best appreciate the bioluminescent phenomena our tours run at sunset and early evening and it can get quite dark in the mangrove canal. So, if you are afraid of darkness, a first time kayaker, or have small kids we strongly suggest taking the earlier, sunset trip. This way you can see where you are going, get use to the environment and sharpen your kayaking skills.
  2. Due to the immense popularity the Bio Bay tour, at times can get crowded. It’s not uncommon to meet up with other tour groups waiting to access the canal leading to the lagoon. There can be bumping other kayaks along the way. When crowded conditions warrant, Pure Adventure will provide extra guides for your safety.
  3. Please keep in mind that this tour takes place in a natural environment and that the bioluminescent phenomenon, although rare, can be seen year round. The intensity of brightness is unpredictable and can vary. Most important – the glow is always there! ENJOY THE SHOW!

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bio bay sunset

The Bio Bay Laguna Grande Tour is 5 minutes away from our fabulous kayak & snorkel tours and excursion!

Bienvenidos” to a unique and rare Bioluminescent Experience, the only excursion of its kind in Puerto Rico, guided by a Marine Biologist!

Join us on a dream-like voyage to an incredibly unique wonderland; the bioluminescent Laguna Grande or Bio Bay, located in a natural reserve on the Northeast tip of Puerto Rico. This pristine ecosystem teems with astonishing marine life, inhabiting a secluded lagoon protected by mangrove forests. The water comes alive with millions of glowing organisms that must be seen to be believed! These microorganisms are known as plankton (that live suspended in the seas between the surface and bottom, at the mercy of the wind and the current). Experience this unusual nighttime phenomena, as you glide along in your kayak you might get the feeling that the dark Caribbean sky is getting jealous of the glowing water below, and tries to catch up with shooting stars and impressive constellations!

More than a tour, we provide a full experience!

high altitud mangrove at bio bay puerto rico

Come with PURE ADVENTURE, the only company that features a Marine Biologist as your field guide. We will explain all the processes involved and the unique conditions required for this supernatural phenomena to occur. Your Marine Biologist will also explain how this delicate ecosystem maintains a pure balance and what must be done to preserve and protect the Bio Bay “Laguna Grande”…a very special place on Planet Earth!

girls kayaking at bio bay fajardo puerto rico

PURE ADVENTURE, beyond doubt, can provide you with the best interpretative kayak trip at Laguna Grande in Fajardo bioluminescent lagoon. Go -“ECO”- explore, conserve, observe with PURE ADVENTURE and learn with our professional staff about the unique ecosystems, splendid constellations and glowing waters!

Let your Pure Adventure begin!

There are only four (Bio bay) bioluminescent bays and one lagoon in existence on Earth! Very few people, even Puerto Ricans, are aware of our little known, bioluminescent lagoon. Pure Adventure provides a unique opportunity to visit and actually kayak in the “Bio-Lagoon” known as “Laguna Grande”. This lagoon is the best place to appreciate this phenomenon, being a closed environment, allowing the microorganisms to flourish in bigger concentrations! This glowing effect can be appreciated at any given night.

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Kayak Excursion Details

  • Each bio bay tour guided by Graduated Marine Biologist also trained in first aid and CPR
  • Drive Time: 1 hour 20 minutes from Metro San Juan to Fajardo Bio Bay (Click here for Driving Map)
  • Drive Time: 40 minutes from Humacao, Palmas Del Mar to Fajardo Bio Bay (click here for driving Map)
  • Bio bay trip includes: Everything that is necessary for you to have a great experience! All required safety equipment, Specialized equipment (2 person kayak etc.), professional field guides, water & local seasonal fruits, bug repellent, kayak “Lesson 101” before the trip, safety orientation, and most of all…a lot of fun!
  • You will get very wet, we recommend bringing extra clothes for after the trip in Fajardo.
  • Trip rate: $48 * per person
    For groups of 8 adventurers and more a deposit will be required.

For more information regarding physical restrictions click here.

Let’s all have a great time! Safety First!

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Great kayak tour! Great staff!"

This was probably the highlight of our recent trip to Puerto Rico! The Pure Adventure staff and guides were extremely helpful and fun. They also helped us out with local restaurants and directions. They were very professional and organized, yet extremely fun too. I highly recommend seeing the Bio Bay and booking your kayak tour with Pure Adventure!


Exceeded expectations!

Great tour company - knowledgeable, friendly and safety conscious. Took early tour and worried about seeing phosphorescence but had no problem seeing light in water. Bring a change of clothes and a towel - you'll get wet in open kayak but it's worth it for this magical experience.


One of the best tours I have taken anywhere

The bioluminescent tour was awesome! It was otherworldly. I was extremely pleased with Pura Aventura. They are group of young marine biologists who are clearly passionate about their field. Their enthusiasm was contagious. It was a phenomenal trip. Next time we are back in Puerto Rico, I will be taking my nephew on it. A must do!


Pure Adventure

I went kayaking at Bio Bay with Pure Adventure company. It was pure enjoyment! Those little buggers do glow! Our tour guide was quite informative and kept us interested throughout whole trip. Thanks!


We took a few tours while on PR

We took a few tours while on our vacation, but the tour with PURE ADVENTURE was by far the BEST! The staff was so friendly and informative. They not only showed us the lagoon but they taught us a lot about PR's environment because all guides were marine biologist. If you are looking to take a bio bay tour go with PURE ADVENTURES it is worth it.